Don’t miss the spectacular Avro Vulcan on Sunday!

The Vulcan to the Sky Trust has confirmed that the last flying Avro Vulcan has entered her final flying season. This will be the last time that she appears at the Weston Air Festival and Armed Forces Weekend.


One of the world’s most popular aircraft, Vulcan XH558. The last airworthy example of Great Britain’s famous V-Force and a powerful reminder of a remarkable period in British history. Avro Vulcan is about to begin her last flying season and therefore this will sadly be her last appearance at the Weston Air Festival and Armed Forces Weekend, where she will star on Sunday 21 June.

To celebrate this remarkable aircraft in her final flying year, the aircrew, led by Martin Withers (who captained Vulcan XM607 on the famous Black Buck mission during the Falklands conflict) are launching a dramatic new display routine and other exciting events will be taking place across the country.

Returned to the skies in 2007 following what is now believed to be the most ambitious technical restoration programme ever undertaken, Vulcan XH558 is operated to amongst the world’s most demanding safety standards. Each year, the Charity which owns and operates her, the Vulcan to the Sky Trust (VTST) raises more than £2 million to service and operate the aircraft, which is based at the former RAF Finningley, now Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield.

The Charity’s Chief Executive, Dr Robert Pleming, told supporters;
“If you don’t see her this season, there will be no more opportunities to hear a Vulcan’s spine-tingling howl as she climbs high into the sky for another dramatic display, or to see her rolling onto her side to reveal her giant delta silhouette.”